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On March 5, Jindan held a promotion meeting for the year of corporate culture construction. The general manager of the company, Shi Congliang, presided over the meeting. The staff read out the company's "Implementation Plan for Carrying out Corporate Culture Construction Year Activities" and "Jindan Corporate Culture Construction Organization". Professor Sun Xuemin, director of the Enterprise Research Center of Zhengzhou University and doctoral supervisor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech on "Excellent Corporate Culture Creates Excellent Corporate Quality". Zhang Peng, chairman of Jindan, made a mobilization report. More than 200 people attended the meeting, including senior executives of the company and its subsidiaries, cadres above the deputy ministerial level, part-time cultural specialists of various units, backbones of corporate culture construction and university students.   In the mobilization report, Zhang Peng first talked about the importance of carrying out the activities of the corporate culture construction year, and pointed out that vigorously promoting the construction of corporate culture and accelerating the development of cultural management is the inevitable choice for Jindan to become stronger and bigger; An important decision based on the historical experience of development; it is to seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, and implement the company's strategic requirements of "based on Henan, facing the whole country, going to the world, and building a worldwide industrial base for new biological materials".   Regarding the work focus of the corporate culture construction year, Zhang Peng emphasized five areas: First, to strengthen learning. It is necessary to improve the understanding and recognition of the company culture through in-depth study of corporate culture knowledge; Second, to enhance the company's cultural concept, and through the participation of all employees, discussions, extensive solicitation of opinions, modify, improve and enhance the company's cultural concept; Third, through various activities, we will vigorously create four atmospheres of innovation, democracy, learning and competition; Fourth, we will strengthen the cohesion project and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise by doing a good job in material affairs, carrying out rich and colorful cultural activities, and further carrying out humanized management.  Fifth, the implementation of employee behavior standards, comprehensively improve the company image.     Regarding the key measures to do a good job in the corporate culture construction year, Zhang Peng put forward six requirements: First, strengthen leadership. All levels of corporate culture institutions and personnel must be well-respected and earnestly perform their duties, all management cadres should recognize their responsibilities, do a good job of enterprise culture construction as their basic responsibility. Second, we should comply a good discussion among all staff, encourage employees to participate in the formation of a situation where everyone can express their opinions and speaks freely. We should combine theory with practice to understand what is good culture and what is bad culture, so as to inherit and promote good culture and discard bad culture. Third, we should organize various cultural activities emancipate our minds, dare to innovate, proceed from reality, adapt measures to local conditions, and pay attention to practical results. Management should take the lead in participating. Fourth, publicize advanced models and experiences, strengthen mutual exchanges, and promote balanced development of activities. Fifth, list corporate culture construction activities in the management plan. Sixth, to give full play to the key role of cadres, all management staffs must conscientiously implement the requirements in the "Implementation Plan", improve quality, change the style of work, and make an example for employees.   At the end of the meeting, Shi Congliang required that we should study hard and implement the company's "Implementation Plan for Carrying out Corporate Culture Construction Year Activities", especially to deeply study and understand the spirit of the chairman's speech, and put forward specific requirements for the communication and implementation of the spirit of the meeting
On January 4th, the start-up ceremony of the third phase of the Dancheng County project was grandly held at the site of Jindan's annual production of 60,000 tons of biodegradable polyester and its products. The ceremony was presided over by Song Yibing, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Executive Deputy County Mayor. Dong Hong, the county magistrate of the county government, delivered a speech. Sun Huaiyuan, director of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, and Shi Congliang, general manager of Jindan, they made speeches successively. Li Quanlin, secretary of the county party committee, issued an order to start construction. Afterwards, the leaders and guests who attended the ceremony laid the foundation stone for Jindan's annual production of 60,000 tons of biodegradable polyester and its products.   It is reported that the project with an annual output of 60,000 tons of biodegradable polyester and its products is a new key project of Jindan this year. The project will rely on the Jindan's polylactic acid and starch project products to realize its independent supply of raw materials in the field of biodegradable modified materials, and expand the its biodegradable material product categories. After the project is completed and put into production, Jindan will become a supplier of all types of solutions for biodegradable materials in China.
From 2013 to 2019, the production of lactic acid and its salts and esters in China increased year by year. According to statistics, the output of lactic acid and its salts and esters in my country in 2019 was 122,900 tons, a year-on-year increase of 1.57%.
After more than 30 years of exploration, innovation and accumulation, at present, the production and marketing scale of lactic acid and its derivatives of the company occupies a dominant position in China
L-lactic acid is naturally present in the human body and directly participates in the metabolism. It has good biocompatibility. It is commonly used as antiseptic, preservative, sour agent, pH regulator, bacteriostatic agent, moisturizer, cleaning agent, growth promoter , Calcium supplements, etc., are widely used in food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, textile printing and dyeing industries.



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In the past year.when we promoted our products to customers.always were questioned what are your products? What benefit your products are able to take to US?How to use them? Could they have side effect to human being or animals? All above questions inspire Jindan to create below chart to answer our customers?


1.What are lactic acid and lactate? Lactic acid and sodium lactate both are organic matter with naturally existed in human being body and animal body. L isomer lactic acid and its derivative products have been proven to be metabolized at 100%. Jindan’s mission is Lactic acid improve human being’s life.all product are natural and non-harmful to health.


Our product list:


Lactic Acid Food Grade 50%  JD-LA01-50
Lactic Acid Food Grade 80% JD-LA01-80
Lactic Acid Food Grade 85% JD-LA01-85
Lactic Acid Food Grade 88% JD-LA01-88
Lactic Acid Excellent Grade 50%  JD-LA02-50
Lactic Acid Excellent Grade 80% JD-LA02-80
Lactic Acid Excellent Grade 85% JD-LA02-85
Lactic Acid Excellent Grade 88%  JD-LA02-88
Lactic Acid Heatstable Grade 50%  JD-LA03-50
Lactic Acid Heatstable Grade 80% JD-LA03-80
Lactic Acid Heatstable Grade 85% JD-LA03-85
Lactic Acid Heatstable Grade 88% JD-LA03-88
Lactic Acid Heatstable Grade 90%  JD-LA03-90
Lactic Acid Feed Grade 80%  JD-LA04-80
Lactic Acid Powder Food Grade 55% JD-LA05-55
Lactic Acid Powder Food Grade 60% JD-LA05-60
Lactic Acid Powder Feed Grade 52% JD-LA06-52
Calcium Lactate Feed Grade JD-CL01
Calcium Lactate Food Grade JD-CL02
Calcium Lactate Excellent Grade JD-CL03
Sodium Lactate Food Grade 60% JD-SL-60
Sodium Lactate Powder JD-SLP
Potassium Lactate Food Grade 60% JD-PL-60
Potassium Lactate Food Grade 78% JD-PL-78
Ferrous Lactate Food Grade JD-FL
Magnesium Lactate Food Grade JD-ML
Zinc Lactate Food Grade JD-ZL
Ethyl Lactate JD-EL
Buffered Lactic Acid JD-BLA
buffered L-Lactic/citric acid liquid JD-BLAC
buffered lactic/citric/malic acid JD-BLACM
buffered lactic/malic acid JD-BLAM
Sodium Lactate and Potassium Lactate Blend JD-SPL
Sodium Lactate and sodium Diacetate Blend JD-SLD
Sodium Lactate and sodium Acetate Blend JD-SLA
Potassium lactate and Acetic Acid Blend JD-PLA
Potassium lactate / Sodium Diacetate Blend JD-PSD
Potassium lactate/acetate blend JD-PA
Potassium lactate/acetate and sodium diacetate blend JD-PAS
Potassium/Sodium lactate/and sodium diacetate blend JD-PSD
Sodium lactate/diacetate/acetate blend powder JD-SDA


2.The benefits of our product.


Jindan lactic acid has lower PH value and good taste, which can be widely used as acidulant and flavor agent. Sodium lactate and potassium lactate are good at decreasing water activity, which are best choice to prevent Listeria monocytogenes, E Coli and Salmonella growth in meat. They both are the best natural preservative agent. Calcium Lactate with good solubility doesn’t increase digestion and absorption system burden were recognized as the best calcium source in the nature world. Lactic acid powder with the mild acid taste improves soft candy mouth fell to be chased by candy eater. Zinc lactate, ferrous lactate, magnesium lactate all respectively contributes itself on mineral supplement. Ethyl lactate, not only can increase the smell of foods, but also is the green solution and detergent in industrial area.

The following table indicates the recommended application and dosage of Jindan products. However, due to the different areas and raw materials, the final dosage could be different under premise of local laws and regulations.


3.How to used it?


See below application sheet




Product Area Recommendation Dosage Function
Buffered Lactic Acid Teat-Dip 1.5-1.7% Kill mastitis bacteria
Buffered Lactic Acid Hard/soft candy 0.5-04% Prevent sugar inversion
Buffered Lactic acid Hard candy 1.5-4.0% Reducing sugar inversion
Calcium Lactate Oral care(Tooth paste and mouth washes) 3-8% Reducing tartar on the teeth
Calcium Lactate Pet bird drinking water 1-3g/ml Healthy skeleton&good egg shell
Calcium Lactate Prawn feed 0.6-1g/100g Improve shell firmness
Calcium Lactate Dough 0.1-1% Inhibit mold growth and good taste
Calcium Lactate Dairy /fruit juice/beverage Based on calcium required Calcium supplement
Calcium Lactate Chewing gum 1-7% Remineralization of enamel
Calcium Lactate Black olives 0.8-1.25% Improve taste and firmness
Calcium Lactate Snacks 0.1-1% Replaced acrylamide
Calcium Lactate Milk/ice cream/soy bean milk/health drinks/natural fruit juice/sport drink/water tea/baby food Based on calcium required Calcium supplement
Calcium Lactate Tobacco 0.05-0.2% Lighten white of cigarette
Calcium Lactate Soda/premium cracker 0.2-0.4% Regulation of CO2 release
Ethyl Lactate Flavors(straw berry and butter) 0.005-0.01% Enhance flavors
Ethyl Lactate Pesticide 0.5-5% Green solvent,coalescent agent and surfactant agent
Lactic Acid Hair Care(Shampoo) 0.50% Better wet and dry fell
Lactic Acid Animal drinking water 0.4-0.5% Prevent bacterial growth
Lactic Acid Piglet 1-2% Improve food intake
Lactic Acid Yogurt 0.53-1% Prevent bacterial growth
Lactic Acid Dressing 0.05-2% Prevent bacterial growth
Lactic Acid Washing egg 1-3% Decrease bacterial contamination
Lactic Acid Seafood( shrimp and fish) 1.5-2.5 Prevent the black sport
Lactic Acid Beer 0.8-1.5% Correct PH value and improve taste
Lactic Acid Flavors(straw berry,apple,mint,dairy) 0.05-0.1% Enhance flavors
Lactic Acid Heath&diet food 0.1-0.3% Improve organoleptic character
Lactic Acid Ice cream 0.1-0.3% Improve organoleptic character
Lactic Acid Carcass 1.25-2.5% Decontamination
Lactic Acid Livestock 0.2-0.5% Less bacterial infection
Lactic Acid Livestock 0.3-1.5% Replaced antibiotics
Lactic Acid Black olives 0.1-0.3% Bacterial inhibition
Lactic Acid Gum&jellies 1.5-2.5% Reduce sugar inversion
Lactic Acid Leather 0.5-2.5% Improve efficiency of the process
Lactic Acid Concrete and mortar 0.1-2% retarder
Lactic Acid Epoxy glue remover 3-4% activator
Lactic Acid Electroplate 5-15% Chelating agent
Lactic Acid Oil well   Clay solvent
Lactic Acid Tobacco 1-2% Decrease irritation
Lactic Acid Biscuit/cookies Based on sodium bicarbonate Neutralization
Lactic Acid Sour dough 6-10% Sourdough flavor
Lactic Acid Cider Until PH-3.2 Correct PH Value
Lactic Acid Cream cracker/bagel 0.3-0.5% Reduction in production time
Lactic Acid Soft drinks&lemonades 0.5-0.7% Inhibition L.brevis
Lactic Acid Bathroom/toilet/manual dishwasher /coffee machine/ soap scum remover 0.2-5% Descaling properties
Lactic Acid Powder Soft candy 15-28% Sanding of sugar
Lactic Acid Powder Sour dough 10-15% Sourdough flavor
Magnesium Lactate Tobacco 0.05-0.2% Improving binding force
Potassium/Sodium Lactate and Diacetate Freshmeat/cooked sausages(hot dog) 2-2.5% Bacterial inhibition
Sodium Lactate Salmon 2-3% Decrease the water activity
Sodium Lactate TCE(C2HL3) 25-27% Hydrogen donor
Sodium Lactate Liquid laundry/fabric softeners 3-7% moisturizer
Sodium Lactate Tobacco 0.15-0.35% Increase tenacity of cigarette casing
Sodium Lactate/Acetate blend Fish 2.5-3% Prevent bacterial growth
Sodium Lactate/Acetate/Diacetate Freashmeat and cooked sausages 0.5-6% Bacterial inhibition
Sodium Lactate/Ethyl lactate DCB 0.1-0.2% Carbon donor
Sodium/Potassium Lactate Pancake bread 1.5-3% Inhibit mold growth
Sodium/Potassium Lactate Fresh meat 3-4% Decreasing water activity
Sodium/Potassium Lactate Cakes,breads,rolls 1-2% Increase texture and softness
Zinc Lactate Oral care(tooth paste and mouth washes) 0.1-0.5% Prevent tartar oral,oral malodor and gingivitis


4.Could they have side effect to human being or animals?


All products from Jindan are nature. All what jindan has done is dedicating natural products to improve human’s life.

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